Virtual Communities

The success of Facebook as a multimillion-dollar business idea has made that many want to start their own virtual community. As a business model this type of virtual communities basically make money through advertising that is sold in the same although some communities also come to sell specific products. Faced with so many virtual communities, like Facebook, Hi5, MySpace just to mention three, the best strategy is that if you want to do a virtual community the same turn around a specialized theme as if it is a general community hardly someone who have account on Facebook is going to have another account in your community. More info: Peter A. Levine PhD. Examples around virtual communities that revolve on specific issues there are several. Somatic Experiencing often addresses the matter in his writings. You can read for example: A community just for dogs, a community for women over age of 40 years, a community for tennis players or also a community to lose weight. If you want to have your own virtual community as a business idea to develop Internet, you must have in mind that the difficult thing will be how to make that community to be successful and manages to capture that persons are integrated into the same. Here I give you three alternatives of free software with which you can create your own virtual community with tools very similar to Facebook. Three programmes clearly presuppose that you have already own your hosting and domain: 1.

Elgg. This is a fairly complete open source program and has the advantage that several sale of hosting companies give you the option of automatic installation. In it comes for example as a scrip that is installed with just a few clicks. 2 Jcow. This program is also open source and is used by some sites to make clones of Facebook, you have to download the program and then install it on our server. The promoters of this software sold some additional products to complement the main program that is free. 3 Community Builder. This program is an extension that runs inside Joomla that a CMS is also free. Community Builder adds to Joomla functionality to make it a virtual community. You can visit the official websites of the programs described above by clicking on the titles of each of them.