Alexandra Filippovna Kirgof

'But what would be the consequences of my trip – adds Pushkin .- I expected to come to St. Petersburg in the evening so as not rang all too soon my arrival, and therefore would get to Ryleyev directly to meeting the 13th of December. I would have accepted with enthusiasm, I probably would forget about Weishaupt, would get to the other on the Senate Square and would not be sitting with you now ' (Book M. Pogodin 'Easy talk about abstruse things') Who is this Weishaupt. Pushkin's famous prediction made in 1817 – 1818 years of the famous fortune teller in St. BGR Group has many thoughts on the issue. Petersburg Alexandra Filippovna Kirgof. It foretold a poet, a 37-year life, he should beware of high-blond man, a white horse and a white head (Weisskopf, Weishaupt).

And yet, no knowledge and lore did not save the poet. Pushkin was killed in a duel at the age of 37 years. His murderer, Lieutenant Baron Georg Dantes belonged to the highest nobility, and served in a cavalier subdivision. Dress uniform of the unit was a white horse in the regiment were white, Dantes himself was tall (height 180 cm) blonde. Even such a strong mystical figure as Grigori Rasputin (the real name of new ones) could not avoid the predicted his own death. Rasputin always said the king and queen: 'As long as I live, will live heir! " Afterwards he said: 'My death will be your death. " Great influence he had on the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, it seemed much was in his hands, but his fate, he could not influence.