Social Morality

Social morality is well expressed in an announcement at a small town to foster the development of a district: a Usted part of San Javier. At the time it reaches the place know it's welcome, which is a part of the group. That may have friends who appreciate and disifrutar of your company, and also: a Oeun cup of coffee is the symbol of San Javier. The boiling coffee all day in this lugara . This sign of friendship Goiz shows you what the neighbors of each other's company, Sinita happy to share the daily tasks and challenges. Social morality emphasizes the union, and camaraideria.

Instead of original proposed agreement. Preferred integration into the group before the room rather than individual responsibility encourages group activities; replaces curiosity for complacency, is its most valuable security before freedom. The individual in spite of itself is a guest of the prevailing opiinion. Most people in America today accepted social morality rather than personal morality as sociological evaluations. For example, people's attitudes about money. If a young couple will not make purchases up to collect $ 500, and then make cash, instead of using the monthly payment plan, may have the things they want $ 150 plus accrued interest at the end of 10 years. On the contrary, if you buy exactly the same things with credit and facilities, not only did not gain any interest, but will pay approximately $ 800 of interest and be in debt for a period of approximately 10 years.