Learning English

You all ever thought about this? Know clearly and definitely, what you need to know English? If – yes, I congratulate you! It's great I told you even a little jealous, because you already know at the outset, where to go. The fact is that if you know perfectly well why learn English, you can totally arrange some priorities in education. For example, you have mastered this language to make a career in the company engaged household appliances. Now you understand where I'm going? That's it, then you need to master in the first place that language, those features of language that relate to your profession. You want to learn English in order to free to travel the world to feel active person with a tourist, not passive sheep, being led on a leash Accordingly, you should first learn exactly what the English language that directly related to the topic of 'Tourism' – how to order a plane ticket to open and close a bank account, rent a house or a car, book a hotel room, communicating with hotel staff, shop, how to call for help, tell the doctor where and how it hurts, etc. Right? If you teach English 'just because all teach', you will not succeed. Or rather, not all so good turn out, we would like.

Why? Because for any action that makes people need a reason. And you have such a reason is not there. For the study, this tedious and quite difficult lessons, too, must be a reason.