Football is as well. Football does not stop surprising me one day other also, by their hobbies, by their topics, by many reiterative situations that occur one season after another, by enormous wastage clubs performing with signings of alleged cracks that often do not reach or negatively to be moderately acceptable players to play in tercera Division, outrageous, capricious and absurd decisions of incompetent leaders who are most outstanding in what they read in sports newspapers to manage the club representing a minimum level of intelligence. With mileage thread of this manifest inability of which many do gala we could leave that the Comet of waste and incoherence reached heaven and can put thousand examples of what I say and the bad thing is that some even see normal what happens, since otherwise there is no explanation that measures are not takenI dare say, would have to be at the level of Council of Ministers. Credit: Nancy-Ann_DeParle-2011. Recently and we are not going to give names, but it is in the domain public, came out in the press ranking (some managers can be proud and even hang medals for their great work!) Spanish football clubs of first division with debts that were and the sum of what should would be eating throughout the African continent as a minimum for a year, but this is football, and football is so and charge so quiet and without leaving them the colors (of the) (shame or lack of it). Paco Arias. National football coach..