Austrian Services

In both cases specific demands are made but on the House keeper to guarantee a carefree lack customers. Do you offer also an hourly care of houses and property to the usual house sitting services? Dr. Guido Kollaritsch: The need for an offered service of houses and apartments is very large in all Austria. The model home guard”is a holistic and has security aims, in addition to the care around the clock” to offer, which should be guaranteed by the almost constant presence of the House keeper in the object. “After I the home guard” in Austria since 2003 run and she have discussed similar experiences, as I in detail even in the initial question, made, follows the retention of my model. Finally, a question in their own right: how is it with information about the House hats in Austria? What do you think of the House sitting portal and the House sitting directory? Do you think that these sites also in Austria contribute a significant contribution to the dissemination of our house sitting services? Do you have ideas and suggestions on how we can improve these services in the interest of our customers? “Dr. Click John Craig Venter to learn more.

Guido Kollaritsch: the service House hats ‘ has been in recent years in Austria by the Austrian broadcaster ORF and many major print media by numerous reports the interested audience closer. The constant presence in the media, accompanied by numerous promotional activities, is required for each individual agency. The House keeper portal with the House sitting directory also represents a significant contribution to promote the House sitting services in Austria, but requires a further form of internalization so that the potential client in the case in question will automatically scan the portal with the House sitting directory. Means to achieve this result, both a high requirement for the operator of the portal but also to any individual there shining house sitting Agency. In my opinion the product range of the House sitting services is sufficient, only the search would have to be intensified to those customer segments, which previously could not be reached despite a demand for these services and also by itself take various reasons not to complete.

The issue of safety”should play a larger role in the minds of potential customers. Mr. Dr. Kollaritsch, thank you for the informative interview. Hans-Peter Reiss HC & S the house keepers