Dirk Slama

The work includes the continuous development of the BPM framework and the documentation of methodology development on the site of the Alliance (www.enterprise-bpm.org/ alliance). The members of the enterprise BPM Alliance benefit from the experiences and impulses of other users through the regular exchange of experience in the Club network. Clarify in addition they receive first hand knowledge through access to current documentation from the BPM framework and can ask questions directly with the creators”. The tried and tested training concept of the Alliance serves the members as the basis for an own BPM curriculum. In the blog and email newsletters the members updates and relevant topics will be informed. The Alliance regularly organizes workshops in work groups and the work results and present findings at various conferences.

The BPM & integration days are the first event from 24 to 25 February 2014 in Munich, where the participants informed decision-making and practical Know-how for their business-critical projects. Through the BPM Alliance, the enterprise BPM Alliance is an association that promotes the interests of business process management users and provides a standard for BPM to the members. The Alliance for BPM aims to provide practical experience in an open methodology for BPM. The basis for this is”business process management framework (BPMF) as well as the book Enterprise BPM, can relate to the users in the implementation of projects. The members can bring their own ideas and experiences in the development of the standards. The Alliance brings together research and practice, selected topics be examined together and flow.

Through presence at events, as well as targeted public relations, the Association creates a better understanding and a wider acceptance for BPM. An award given annually for projects that were implemented particularly well with the BPMF. Learn more about the enterprise BPM Alliance alliance under. Members (January 2014): Dirk Slama * Ralph Nelius * Christian Weiss (Holisticon) * Kim Nena Duggen (oose) * Svante Wellershoff * Holisticon AG * oose innovative Informatik GmbH * HCL America Inc. Opitz consulting Germany GmbH innoQ Switzerland GmbH * founding members contact the BPM Alliance: Enterprise BPM Alliance e.V. high tree Road 1 c 14167 Berlin E-Mail: alliance press contact: saalto Agency and editorial GmbH hospital str. 23a 76227 Karlsruhe phone: 0721 / 160 88 70 E-Mail: