Treatment In Israel – Your Health

June 18, 2010. Source: Nancy-Ann_DeParle. Every year for treatment in Israel come from more than five hundred thousand people. They go into this small country for a quick and sanatorium treatment of various diseases. This cardiology, oncology and dermatological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, etc. Also sent to Israel for the sake of artificial insemination for infertility treatment, or for cosmetic surgery, as aesthetic and therapeutic nature. Why did all these people, among them residents as in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, , and the citizens of the United States, France, Britain, Italy, Spain and other countries choose for themselves exactly treatment in Israel? There are several reasons. 1. Innovative technology and professionalism of the Israeli doctors.

In Israel, the treatment uses the latest medical technologies and drugs, and professionalism of local doctors is an example for their colleagues from abroad. Israeli medicine is constantly moving forward. For example, only in such areas as cancer treatment in Israel, recently made significant achievements. So, scientists from the Weizmann Institute named after, was to unravel the mystery of life support cancer cells in chronic leukemia, which is the base for creating new drugs, struggling with the disease. Also came into practice ospi use of the device for diagnosis of skin cancer. This unit sends to the skin safe for the person the amount of radiation that can detect cancer and to obtain information about its area of distribution circuits, character. With the help of biospy, skin cancer can be detected before it will manifest itself externally.