The Situation

It is the competition that escapes with his business. To retrieve it have to wait for other companies to make mistakes and then see how it leverages the situation in this regard, both Ries and Troust, point out how would you not to be the first to make a mistake? The easy answer, is to ensure that their programmes are in harmony with the laws of marketing. These in a succinct manner are: 1) Act of leadership. It is better to be the first that being the best. Thereon is said that in the business world, which arrives first at a site is who has more advantages. Clearly it is easier to deal with an empty hollow in the minds of potential customers, which try to convince them that you change their supplier.

(2) The category law. Here, Gina Ross expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If you cannot be first in a category create a new one which can be the first. When you launch a new product, the question should not be: in what is better than the competition?, but: in what will be the first?. In other terms, what can be the category in which our product is the first?. If it has failed to reach the minds of customers first, don’t be discouraged. Find a category in which can be. Potential customers are put on the defensive when they try to explain that our brand is better.

But open mind when speaking of a new category. Everyone is interested in what’s new. (3) The law of the mind. It is better to be first in the mind than the first in the point of sale. To be the first should arrive earlier than others, but to the right place. In the war of marketing, the mind is the battlefield. There is where you have to come first, rather than to the law firms or supermarkets.