Sugar Cane Weddings

This Biblical ticket describes as it was the beginning of the ministry of Jesus and describes a marriage that occurred in the land of it. It knows the messages now spirituals that this Biblical ticket transmits in them. E, to the third day, weddings in Sugar cane of the Galilia had become; was the mother of Jesus there. also was invited Jesus and its disciples for the weddings. Joo 2:1 – 2Os miracles are made 0f the sort Jesus, stop of wanting to know as it is that the thing happens. It has accepted the transformations that It carries through in its life! E, lacking wine, the mother of Jesus said to it: They do not have wine. Jesus said to it: Woman, that I with you have? Not yet my hour is arrived.

Joo 2:3 – 4Eles had been invited for the festividade, Jesus, its mother and the disciples and had a difficult problem: it did not have more wine. The mother of Jesus took It problem and Jesus answered it who not yet was hour of it to operate. Its mother said the maids: You make everything how much to say you to it. six cuts of rock were ece of fishes there, stop the purificaes of the Jews, and in each one fit two or three almudes. Jesus said to them: You full of water these cuts. had even fulled them on.

Joo 2:5 – 7A mother did not give up e, subtle, placed at the hands of Jesus the responsibility to decide the question. It directed it the employees and indicated they stops making everything what Jesus would guide to them that they made, to decide that situation. Jesus knows to transform the situations and this was the first one where it had that to act. It makes everything what to say to it.