Social Medicine

The role played for the health in the configuration of the international relations from the second half of century XIX not yet enough was evaluated (). In this context, which the health was perceived as something individual, it can be noticed that the collective questions directed the health did not have place, even so that let us know today to be the base of the health, and that the same vista as a common good and is closely on to the social environment where the individuals inhabit, of form that the collective one it comes to even imply in simplest in the most complex sociocultural and economic questions that for happiness are factors that define the health of a people. The first appearance of the thought ' ' social' ' in the health it occurred in century XIX in some European countries as France, Germany and England, what it was called of Social Medicine. As the moment occurred after it finishes of 2 War World-wide, in the United States and twenty years later this movement reaches Latin America (4). In this vision valley to point out that historically the documents that most express the new concepts and proposals for the health are A Letter of Punta DelLeste, firmed in 1961, and the Declaration of Soul-Act, that, in 1978, it defined the goal ' ' health for todos' ' (5). Soon, the professional Nurse inserts itself as one of the main agentesfornecedores of collective health, in view of that he possesss technician-scientific abilities for a good success in the scope of the collective, having for base its performance in the Strategy Health of the Family, that in turn is based, over all, in the delimited territory and the process of entailing of the professionals with the population. He has as the one of the strategical activities domiciliria visit that the team allows to know the arrangements and faced problems of health familiar. Read more from John Craig Venter to gain a more clear picture of the situation. .