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More than 2,000 healthy women aged between 45 and 58 years of age have been tested. The result of the study brought the realization that 15 percent of women with vitamin D levels below 20 ng/ml (50 nmol/L) suffered a heart attack, heart failure, heart attack or a stroke during the observation period, the consequences of the patients died. Among women, however, which were supplied with adequate vitamin D daily, the proportion of women amounted to only just under 10 percent. The results of the research group director Prof. Louise heritage sago thus summarized that “healthy women with a vitamin D deficiency carry a much higher risk of heart problems”. Four further studies into the relationship between vitamin D and cardiovascular disease presented at the this year’s International American Heart Association Congress in addition. In these studies, it could be impressively that heart patients with a deficiency in sunshine-vitamin a have a higher risk of death. A vitamin D overdose can lead to cardiac fibrillation had long been suspected that a vitamin D overdose can possibly negatively affect health.

Researchers of the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Utah, United States, could now prove this. They examined the effect of over-dose vitamin D supplements more than 132,000 patients. This a clear link between increased vitamin D levels and arterial cardiac fibrillation could be determined. Therefore, it was at this point pointed out that the intake of vitamin should take place D preparations only in consultation with a doctor and under the strict control of the serum in the blood. Excess vitamin D, as it can accumulate through vitamin D supplements in the blood, has in the formation of the sunshine-vitamins by the Sun or solarium but no chance. Excess vitamin D can in the unprocessed , you may refer to it also as preprocessor vitamin D in a natural way in the Body disposed be. Source: Science news and healthy day Janine young company description the Federal Association of tanning (BfB) is the representation of the interests of the commercial suppliers of tanning – and related services.

The Association’s members are in your offering to your customers for the utmost in comfort and safety. The BfB – promotes the dissemination of information on Sun and tanning in the press and public, – supported technical and scientific research in these fields, contributes to public and private initiatives for an optimal market and professional regulations, – supports its members in the acquisition of professional qualifications and promotes innovations in the services offered.