Restore Active Feet

They say that psychic abilities are in each, and they appeared to need only try to develop them. Nobody calls to make healing work of his life, but to help people – the mission is undoubtedly noble. But to help you every just can not, but obliged. For example, it is actually on its own to oppose 'disease restless legs'. The legs quickly tired, swollen, 'numb', there's syndrome "rusty gate" – when, rising from chair or bed, you want to 'break' the legs are not podkashivalis.V Basically, it's not even a disease, but its 'threshold'. A very unpleasant condition that can develop into anything. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. pursues this goal as well. For example, in arthritis, arthritis, varicose varicose veins. If you always 'work' with problem feet, the disease can move, and maybe get rid of it at this early stage.

Energy Massage Brush sick leg sections with a thin layer of honey. Then it press down to this place hands, how would distract from the palm of the joints. Procedure is carried out slowly – all the treatment should take 8-10 minutes. The pain may worsen, even to become acute. But then surely come relief. Significant relief can be expected after a few sessions.

This massage is a systematic approach: it should be done regularly every day – only 10-12 sessions. You can make a ten-day break, then repeat the course. This massage is very effective, since it involved not only a physical massage, but also energy. Pulling sick energy yields good results Indian method of treatment for patients with solid joints rolled potato tubers, which seemed to draw an inflamed (sore energy). If the swollen joints of the fingers, then plucked a potato in his hand like a ball, and at night put on a glove with a hand potato. After each of the treatment used a potato thrown away. During the power save tired legs if tired, very useful to get rid of the energy flow of blood. It must be borne in mind that the blood in the veins of the legs (ignoring gravity) flows from the bottom up. If five to seven minutes to hold his hands upward, the energy emanating from your hands, feet activate stagnant energy. How to restore the activity of the feet?