Let us now look at this issue from another angle. Ask as a national feature works for humanity as a whole? Brings together, shared? Rather – the last, and all because of selfishness of each nation tends to isolation, isolationism, 'protektsionalizmu' kind. It is known that human nature is selfish and always a variation, the levels of ego-distinction of the nation. Therefore, all relationships between people and nations are determined on the basis of this nature. Nation like no one and only tolerated or hate. In all their dealings there is only calculation.

On and bring his people from generation to generation. What good is doing for the country, its leaders, politicians and public, declaring this or that national idea? Good – that would have moved the country in solving its problem areas with a minimum of human loss and deprivation. How many countries it is looking so far? In the name of the national idea again and again have to suffer and even die. If the national idea requires a lot of suffering, if the goal requires sacrifice – it is false! We live in a special time for a fundamentally new stage of human life. Shakes habitual foundation, the foundation of civilization. This is evident from what happens in all cells of the human society, and nature affects us in their way. We revealed that the development of self-interest came to an end. What should be the national idea in these circumstances? It is clear that the national idea, too, is changing.