History of the emergence of this method of massage on the Internet is hard to find, but some reports suggest that it is relatively recent. Recently astrophysicist sought to clarify these questions. Pneumomassage based on the effects on the body by increasing and lowering the air pressure. The pump in the unit, first pumping chamber into the air and then pumps it. A device called a pressure gauge monitors the pressure pump and gauge monitors the pressure pumping. The consequence of such exposure on the human body is to improve blood circulation and lymph flow in the same application. It is also worth noting that the skin at the site of use is becoming more flexible. Through These properties pneumomassage, it is actively used in the treatment of diseases such as lumbago, myositis, enderteriit for treating neuralgia, as well as to prevent the atrophy of the quadriceps muscle, which is located in thigh area.

Be aware that the use of pneumomassage prohibited if you are: bruises, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, skin inflammation or cardiovascular failure. Just use pneumomassage prohibited if you are sick or lymphostasis thrombophlebitis. Performing pneumomassage, it is worth remembering that the movement of the nozzle should be held in the direction of the lymph nodes. In any case not jerky, but smoothly, moving the nozzle from one area of the body to another. Otherwise, you can hurt massaging. Running pneumomassage two ways: labile and stable.

When you massage a stable manner in the nozzle Within a few minutes is the same area of the body. Hence the name 'stable'. After the nozzle moves in a few minutes to a different area of the body, etc. Labile method takes the same basis for smooth movement nozzle zigzag or straight to the paravertebral (paravertebral) muscles of the back, long muscular legs, as well as in the chest area and stomach area.