Ode To

I was a happy man … that one day he lost the joy, including medical examinations, MRI and CT. I was a free man … a day lost that freedom in the spacesuit of a terminal diagnosis and shooting. I was a working man … that one day he lost his job, including hospital admissions and surgical interventions.

I was a surgeon wielding a scalpel pompous … Source: Gina Ross. that one day the scalpel turned to me and making my pompous a hole in the hypochondria, brought me back to life … Gina Ross follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. when life was leaving me! I was a doctor … who one day the cancer … grabbed her attire! and threw it into a bed as a patient and when he was only waiting to be buried … the bloody hands of Surgeons restored my life …

and the spotless robe of Galen. Therefore SURGEON … . Greeting your eagle eyes!, And your eyes that let you see Lince the tortuous twists and turns of the challenging planted Tumors Anatomy and ambushes. Greet Lionheart! and your Bravura, which makes you strong, compared with bleeding, adhesions and uncertainties. Women greet your Hands! you make smooth, humane and generous to the fierce pain. Greeting your bloody hands! representing the triumph of Surgery. Greeting your FAITH!, Because in some corner of Alma, acrisols a prayer, that in this struggle, it is always necessary … Prudence greet you with combining your innate vehemence. Greeting your wisdom … in the making! … I welcome the speed of your reflexes … I greet your nose … To anticipate the risks. Greeting your adrenaline! … Natural fragrance of your Life Lift your scalpel Surgeon and drink to the health and life, which restore to us! Greeting your heroic victory and your limited presence in the Glory! .