Medicine Pandemic

* Growing pandemic, in particular the cervico-uterine cancer and prostate.Taxco de Alarcon Guerrero-October 13, 2010. Actual pandemic of cancer, our authorities don’t do their part, as they did excessively with the influenza pandemic that wasn’t real, it was a failed attempt to sow disease but that if served to justify billions of dollars that are spent in debt more to the country and benefiting laboratories that could well be those who spread the disease, now for a real pandemic of Cancer; the soursop emerges as a fruit miraculous cure terrible and painful cancer and other diseases as another pandemic unreported by authorities: Diabetes, its effectiveness against cancer have seen it and have the testimony of my friend Isaiah farfan Cuernavaca Morelos Benitez, who already suffered from headaches and heartburn by cancer that already had been diagnosed with lung and had been extended to the kidney, it consumed the soursop for 3 months and Thank God he fought painful chemotherapies and consume costly drugs that cure a disease and develop others. Cancer has been growing and gaining millions of lives around the world, in Mexico has become the third leading cause of death as declares it Andres Eliu Castell Rodriguez, head of the Department of cell biology and head of the Faculty of Medicine (FM) of the UNAM who alert is growing cancer pandemic, and that while in men the most frequent incidences are lung cancer, stomach, liver, colon-rectum, oesophagus and prostate in women, is the cancer of breast, lung, stomach, colon-rectum and cervix. The annona muricata, scientific name of the soursop, is a tropical fruit that can be found almost in all the Republic, as gift from God that gives us in the field trees where they grow and give this miracle fruit, which in recent years has been gaining worldwide fame of his healing power and therefore attractive for planting orchards, nurseries or greenhouses to sell in markets and grocery stores, and even for its export..