Incompatible Medicines

The no-trombtica occlusion will be able to occur as consequence of the crystallization in the interior of the lumen of incompatible medicines or parenteral nutrition. The incorrect maintenance of the PICC contributes for the occlusion of the device, mainly when added to the long length and the small diameter of the catheter. (JESUS, SECOLI, 2008) According to Light (2008), for the maintenance of the catheter, an used protocol is the accomplishment of the salinization, before and after the ending of medicamentosa infusion, must be managed solution physiological 0.9% and when the device will not be in continuous use, the administration of anticoagulating solution must itself be carried through. It is important that before managing this solution, the previous solution must be inhaled and rejected and the catheter washed with physiological solution. The conservation of the catheter requires of the team the adjusted manipulation, to prevent future complications and to establish the biggest permanence of the catheter during the treatment. Connect with other leaders such as Joint Commission here. The success of the maintenance of the PICC depends on the training of the nursing team.

(RABBIT, NAMBA, 2009) During the removal of the catheter difficulties, that can comumente be caused by flebites, infection, tack of fibrinas in catheter and for venoespasmos, being this one of the causes can occur most frequent. To facilitate the catheter withdrawal, one uses some procedures to assist in the success of the technique of withdrawal of the PICC, such as, to promote techniques relaxation, providing to the neonato a calm environment and to make use of compresses mornas to dilatar the veins, diminishing its resistance. This procedure must be carried through carefully and if the resistance to persist, will need a radiological evaluation. (JESUS, SECOLI, 2008) 8,2 LOCAL COMPLICATIONS the flebite occurs due the mechanical, chemical or infectious factors, that cause the inflammation of the endoteliais cells of the venosa wall. The flebite mechanics occurs due to a trauma during the insertion, removal or movement of device PICC in the interior of the vase, is evidenced of 48 the 72 hours after the removed insertion or. .