Tips for people with gastritis with gastritis persons must follow certain dietary recommendations to help lessen symptoms, however, it is essential to consult a specialist. Gastritis treatment depends on the severity of the disease, the specialist would suggest some medicines or even surgery if the case warrants it, for this is essential to submit the patient to specific diagnostic tests, the most common is a gastro-endoscopy and a biopsy. In the meantime patients with gastritis should change their eating habits, which are recommended for these cases include: * simple cooking: griddle, grill, oven, boiled. * Pasta, rice, potatoes, white bread. * Vegetables cooked and Skinless.

* Cooked fruits, compote and preserved. * Meat lean, fish, egg whites. * Cheese and dairy fat. * Water and drinks without caffeine. ** The foods that should be avoided are: * temperatures extreme food and beverages. * Pepper, ground pepper, mustard, vinegar. * Alcohol.

* Lemon * any variety of chiles and sauces. * Coffee and tea. It is recommended that persons with gastritis Chew and eat slowly, here is a link with excellent natural remedies for gastritis. Split the daily diet in 5 meals like: breakfast lunch lunch snack dinner. If you suffer from gastritis, is not automedique, these dietary advice does not replace medical consultation, you must be reviewed and assessed by a gastroenterologist to rule out any complications such as an ulcer, or even a stomach or colon cancer.