Doctor Cavadas

The young person, patient in the Hospital the Faith of Valencia, already moves the knees. Doctor Cavadas is satisfied with the evolution of the patient. The young person who the past 10 of July was put under in the Hospital the Faith from Valencia the first bilateral transplant of legs of the world has received the discharge and is realising daily several hours of rehabilitation exercises in the Clinic Dug. The young person received July the past discharge 31 and although already the Faith initiated the rehabilitation during its enter the Hospital, now exercises on a daily basis in center doctor of Dug. The surgeon has explained who the evolution of the patient " &quot goes very well; and it has added that the young person will have to attend complete rehabilitation approximately during a year and a half, and passed east time " the daily life and the rehabilitation already entremezclarn". Dug it has announced that the patient one already moves the knees and although " they will spend many months until it can maintain his peso" one has been satisfied with the evolution with the patient. " Everything goes according to the glided thing, has been no remarkable complication and is tolerating very well tratamiento" , it has assured the Valencian surgeon. The Pedro surgeon Dug realised 10 of July the past the operation to this together young person among 20 and 30 years a medical equipment formed by half hundred of people. Source of the news: The first one transplanted double of legs receives the discharge and initiates the rehabilitation