Diet Selenium

Selenium. Selenium is a component of glutathione peroxidase and other enzymes and is considered as necessary element for the life of the organism. Daily intake of selenium norm is not established, but for the most part it is estimated to be 50-100 mg. Selenium is open for about 20 years ago and his role in the body is revealed in the past years, more and more deeply, and perhaps a little time, we learn much of the useful than has selenium. Without selenium in rats developed liver degeneration, calves and lambs (young and other species) – muscular dystrophy. People reduced resistance to viral infections and cancer. Selenium helps to preserve tissue elasticity, eliminates hot flashes and discomfort during menopause, prevents dandruff. The main sources of of the human selenium are onions, tomatoes, wheat bran, wheat germ, fish.

In agriculture, to meet the standards of selenium potrebeleniya animals commonly used sodium selenite as microadditives to feed. Zinc. Zinc is the main mineral for the synthesis of amino acids and proteins, is part of the enzyme and all body cells, promotes the sustained release of insulin and thereby reduce the elevated blood sugar levels. Daily intake of zinc for an adult of about 15 mg, all in the body contains up to 2 g of Zn. In the diet of the animals most commonly administered zinc oxide. The sources of replenishment of the body zinc are meat, eggs, lean milk, pumpkin seeds, brewer's yeast. When zinc deficiency in humans delayed growth, there is hypogonadism, the metabolism, there is insulin deficiency. In zinc deficiency occurs when use of food prepared from grain with a high content of phytic acid, which prevents the absorption of zinc salts from the intestine.

In breeding stock of animals possible violations of reproductive functions due to lack of zinc in feeds or bad its assimilation. Nutrition has a strong effect on animal health and livestock productivity. For normal human development also requires a harmonious combination of different minerals. Today's vitamins this possibility. In addition to the numerous necessary components in their composition in complex combinations, modern drugs are well absorbed, have no side effects and provide the necessary requirement for vitamins and trace elements.