Contradictory Horoscopes

Concern of people everywhere and their future at all times, practicing regular spiritual commerce related to the eager desire to get the prediction. Fortune imply distortion of the forecast and all, with what related art of astrology. Individual predictions, whether prophecy on the hand (palmistry), on features of the skull (phrenology), the location of the stars (astrology), or other means, usually require a distortion or ambiguities in the interpretation, rightly or wrongly foreseen the events to satisfy the customer, whose needs are often in conflict with the rigid and hard-hitting truth. 'What to be – not be avoided' 'So destined to …',' every bullet has its billet …'… At theoretical physicist you will find additional information. Rock, fate, destiny – these words, expressions, concepts have a place in every language of the Earth regardless of religion or socio-economic structure of society. Man peculiar interest in his fate mostly in moments of crisis, ie, when the flow of life as a stream of feelings and passions within him, his excessive claims or feelings of inferiority, and the flow outside it – the flow obstacles and failures in communication, directed against him or drags him against his will.

A person also tend to strive for change, often for the better. In our lives the initial desire to survive "the opposite", ie find a way by which all the bad of its kind can be transformed into its opposite. Contact information is here: Peter A. Levine PhD. Thus, for example, the opposite of illness is health, hatred – love, loneliness – communication, etc. On Our website offers the most complete and well-established interpretation of the passions, hobbies and personality traits of people, as they interpret various symbolic systems, their habits and common features, which found no longer enough to talk about genuine scientific underpinnings of this strange science as astrology. All horoscopes are provided with examples, full of graphs and tables, with a full description of what makes them comfortable and understandable. Absolute horoscope destiny can be check on his past..