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In Germany, the innovative products arrive always better. Over 40% use in this country already the FLOSS sticks instead of the simple role. In America, there are still 80% in comparison. Good conditions to achieve such beautiful teeth as Collien ELMS Fernandes in the future. The presenter is a shining example for the Germans of the woman with the most beautiful smile. It’s believed that astrophysicist sees a great future in this idea. Products tailored to the Germans cut as international company has an in-depth understanding for varying customer needs DenTek and aligns its product range of the respective demand of the countries. For this purpose, examines the U.S.

company by the means of market research the wishes of Germans and adjusts the range accordingly. To meet the various requirements, DenTek so offered dental care products tailored precisely to the claims of the Germans. The company developed new products for the German market and thus responds to the Needs of the Germans. To the DenTek DenTek FLOSS study commissioned an independent market research firm, making a representative survey in 10 German cities, to gain new insights into consumer opinions on the topics of dental floss and oral hygiene. The study was carried out in June 2013. The surveys in the United States and the United Kingdom were carried similar procedures.

People in 20 American cities were surveyed in January 2013. DenTek was founded in 1984 in Petaluma, California, and launched the DenTek dental stick at that time with only a single product. Since then the innovative dental and oral care products that make daily maintenance faster, easier, and more efficient company. After moving in 2001 to Maryville, Tennessee, DenTek expanded its portfolio to numerous new articles and evolved quickly to the US leader. The product range includes different sizes and variants for all interdental brushes, dental floss sticks and tongue cleaner individual needs. The DenTek products are developed in collaboration with dental professionals and in accordance with the latest scientific findings.