Christmas Calendar

About 83 percent of Germans buy an advent calendar every year and continues to dominate the advent time real calendar with sweet surprises. Munich, November 29, 2012: Classic and with candy in there so the Germans love their Christmas calendar. Four out of five respondents * stated that to decide every year at Christmas time for a traditional advent calendar. A self-made calendar prefers every fifth German (21 percent) and 17 percent open to the favorite door behind which is hidden toy. It has conducted a survey in the PAYBACK online panel *, resulting in over 500 Germans.

Trend towards the virtual calendar is generally holds of slope to the chocolate calendar but not alternatives: 41 percent of Germans have more than a Christmas calendar, every fifth opens daily three or parallel, in the Office or even on the computer some more calendar doors from home,. Every second German has used at least once a virtual advent calendar. This is rather seen as a complement to the calendars at home and offers many opportunities. PAYBACK also offers such a calendar from 1 December. Customers opening online on Christmas day a door of the virtual Christmas calendar and benefit from many gifts, deals, and extra points. * = Online survey in the PAYBACK online panel, 503 respondents from the PAYBACK customer inventory representative by age, gender, and customer status. Interview period from the 5.10.2012 15.10.2012 in Germany calendar Windows the survey results at a glance: Advent Calendars are a must: 2011, 83% of respondents had an advent calendar question: had an advent calendar, the last Christmas season in your household? Base: All respondents, n = 503 a door is not enough: while 37% of calendar lovers had a calendar 2011 only, the majority opened at least 2 doors daily (41%).

13% had parallel and at least three calendar nor 6% had four calendars to choose 5 or more doors daily opened only 3% of the respondents. Question: had the last Christmas season how many advent calendar in your household? Base: Respondents who had advent calendar 2011, n = 417 chocolate is trumps: each day a sweet chocolate greeting the favour 79% Christmas calendars. Self-made content (21%) land two ranked, at least 17% will find good toy for calendar content. Tickets and lottery tickets arrive well as possible content only with 7 or 6 per cent of the respondents. Question: had the last Christmas season what kind of advent calendar in your household (multiple answers possible)? Base: Respondents who had advent calendar 2011, n = 417 has become the virtual calendar: 6 out of 10 Germans (61%) have already at least once used a virtual advent calendar: the door open with a click has so now prevailed.