Psychology Of Colors

What does the color green do? It expresses the radiance, reflectivity, intemperance, the intangible joy. It is the color of hope and expectations of great happiness in all the variety of its forms. Eon eager to all modern, , new, always directed to the future. Preference for this color give the bride, having a great desire to escape from current difficulties, to find out who will bring deliverance. S very typical of the superficiality in all cases, impatient search for alternative solutions, the urge to change for the sake of change, impermanence. Red wedding dress – a symbol of the state of energy expenditure. It represents nerve activity, vitality, desire to succeed.

If the bride red rejects her, or lack of vitality, or it is in a state of intense excitement. Green wedding dress is perseverance, participative freedom, commitment, persistence and self-beliefs and praised his own ‘I’. The bride, their preference for this color tends to increase confidence in self-worth, trying to aggressively assert their claims to different values, clings to an idealized image created by it, and expects that others will give her respect for the values that this image has. Tension Green makes no getting discharge accumulated excitement of the various external stimuli, a sense of pride in yourself, power over events, the ability to manage them at the same time increases. All this translates into precision and meticulously in understanding the facts, clarity, accurate memory, the propensity to critical analysis. Wedding dress purple symbolizes the mystical union, the result is – implementation all desirable and imaginable. This magical state of mind, a dream became a reality, fantasy fulfillment.

prefer it to the bride wants not just to delight and fascinate others, but most stay in the enchanted state. This color is generally preferred to emotionally and intellectually immature people, pregnant women, school children, sexual minorities. Gray dress. It is colorless. Neither bright nor dark, totally devoid of psychological, or any incentive trends. It is the color of neutrality towards the warring parties. When choosing a color, a person wants to dissociate itself from anything to be free from obligations to withdraw from the external influences and incentives not to participate in ongoing events. Grey contains an explicit element of concealment in itself. Such people are popularly known as “gray cardinals”. Bright, interesting, not everyday colors: hot pink, turquoise, orange for a wedding dress are used in some cases as a manifestation of personal style and dress originalnosti.svadebnoe Whichever color you choose, do not forget about the second hero for the day. You spouse should look harmonious and consistent with each other.