Faith Messages

Loving some to the others as It loves in them. It is certain also, that soon our science will arrive the conclusion of that changes effective in ways and conditions of growth and development of the society will be necessary. In the reality the powerful ones already know of this, but the economic models hinder still them of pro-active attitudes. However, already we can advance the vital necessity of energy change, excluding the oil and the coal, beyond a great effort of reforestation and recovery of the original nature. is clearly, the change deepest of all, that will be essentially moral and spiritual, knowing and applying the rules of love and charity that Master Jesus in Ensinou. Merit! In some regions that already are suffering the start from mazelas (tip of iceberg), the people already are having of if helping and changing some egoistic concepts.

This change will have to occur in all Globe so that let us have capacity to react and to surpass the torments that we ourselves we create. We know that the task will be difficult, but with Deus and Jesus in the heart we will be invincible. Not it competes in them thinking in when it goes to be the end of the world, nor if it really will happen. Our mission is to evolve, trying to understand that the current and future events are guilt ours – AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS OF the FATHER -, and trying to perceive which ways we have to tread. How God blesses in them, he helps in them and he saves in them as consequncia of our faith and our unconditional love and fraterno for all the creatures and we ourselves! Let us know: It is to our side! Let us make for deserving! Obs: We ask for excuses for our text nor always to be shining how much to the used language.

This occurs because really it is about a text with superior messages, however writings for a person really human being, and not capable it in terms of cultured language. Humblly I ask for excuses how much to this, however the messages are real and true! ‘ ‘ the lack in language does not intervene with the importance of the message! ‘ ‘ Also I do not import myself they call that me Antichrist, or false prophet (as already happened), since that I obtain to help in this task of clarification of my brothers, already I will give myself for victorious person. In addition, messages of love, charity and hope never will be excessively. How the Father guides our ways, dear brothers!