Bernaw Shaw

Many people are surprised to see how people, apparently, less physical, technical, intellectual, volitional resources and disciplinary even perform better in sports, business, in their work, their relationships, etc. what happens? Why the less endowed people get better results than those who are more skilled in their fields? Do some people seem to have more luck than others, good luck, in fact? Here for example Bernaw Shaw said that he was not the most wise of steel, for example. What happens is that looking at an individual, we only see, only perceive, its external appearance, your physical body (shape of your body, your face, your hands, etc.), including their ways (pose, shape, walk, move, etc.) and your conscious mind (such as speech, as expressed, as he laughs, that laughs, of making jokes about that talk, their tastes, etc.), which, though tell us much of an individual, not us they say everything, at least not to the majority of people, of their subconscious mentality, your internal mindset. Most people only see the tip of iceberg, or the outer layer of onion, other persons and even if same. That poor perception which has one person of another produces astonishment. It is what produces that perception that some have very good luck and others do not. To see the only external performance could see an individual or group of individuals performs better than another individual or group of individuals. And yet at the end we could see that the individual or group of individuals with worse performance is who wins the award, which carries the glory.

We can find an example of this in sporting events. Many times we can see how a team plays with great agility, speed, precise movements and even maintaining a harmonious and orderly, play in some cases say that computer makes a nice game. But despite the technical superiority of this equipment (generally with few or small earned cups) see how suddenly the other team (usually teams established, large and many fans), is the winner.


Knowledge Management

It is a mixture of various elements; It is a stream at the same time having a formalized structure; It is difficult to capture in words or to fully understand logically and intuitive. The knowledge exists within people, as part of the human complexity and our unpredictability. Although we tend to think in concrete and definable assets, knowledge assets are much more difficult to handle. Knowledge can be seen as a process (flow) or as a stock. Knowledge is derived from the information, as well as the information is derived from the data.

So that information becomes knowledge, people do almost all the work. This transformation occurs through: comparison. Consequences. Connections. Conversation. These knowledge-building activities take place within and between people. Just as we find data in records and information in messages, we can obtain knowledge of individuals, groups of knowledge, or even in organizational routines.

Not the slightest doubt, that new and powerful arm of business management, the management of knowledge together, to the theory of shared information, have become new factors of production of contemporary business, whose novelty lies in that while more information is consumed, richer returns; It grows as more used. These factors or new revolutions which are moving towards a society of knowledge, are shining a new concept of enterprise and society based on knowledge. Business and society in which progress no longer depends on just machines and technological advances, but the knowledge of people. Broadly speaking, knowledge management, is a process both cultural and technological, hence culture that does not encourage and reward knowledge-sharing can not expect that technology will resolve their cognitive challenges. The terminology and concepts related to the management of the knowledge they are spreading widely. On the other hand, knowledge sharing is becoming an irreplaceable element in the enterprise that requires good governance. I.e., it show the profitability that involves sharing knowledge and to help the growth of the company.


Education Doctorate

We want to get very far without taking the first step. And you will find that if you give the first step, this is the last. There is no other step. Specifically, Krishnamurti, highlights the meditation is not a fragmentation of life; It is not to retreat to a monastery or locked in a room sitting quietly for ten minutes or an hour in an attempt to concentrate to learn to meditate, while for the rest of the time one remains a feisimo unpleasant human being. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Understand the now is a huge problem of meditation is meditation. Fully understand the past, see where its importance lies, see the nature of time, all that is part of meditation. There is great beauty in meditation.

It is an extraordinary thing. Meditation, not how to meditate. Meditation is the understanding of oneself and, therefore, means to lay the Foundation for the order which is virtue in which there is that quality of discipline that is repression neither imitation nor control. A mind so, is, then, in a State of meditation. Meditation is something that requires a formidable base of righteousness, virtue, and order.

It is not some mystical or visionary State induced by the thought, but something that comes natural and easily when one has laid the foundations of a straight conduct. Without such bases, meditation becomes merely an escape, a fantasy. So that one has to lay those foundations; actually, this same way to lay the foundations, is meditation. Eng. industrial, lawyer. EGADE (ITESM), UC, University of Chile, postgraduate master’s degrees in administration of companies mention markets, human resources; Quality and productivity; Education Doctorate in education professor and researcher Faces UC graduate Area. Program coordinator of postgraduate management quality and productivity, Faces, UC consultant – business advisory DEPROIMCA. environment-business.


Prostatitis Body

So come November. By this time, begin to dry up body reserves accumulated in summer and the first month of autumn. On the street was cold and damp. For many men with chronic prostatitis patients this season – the present disorder. Symptoms of prostatitis thoroughly spoiled life.

Starts to cut in the groin, a burning sensation in the anus, frequent mucheispuskaniya, and the erection may become worse. Everything indicates that prostate inflammation intensified with the new force. What do you do? The standard approach – to go to the urologist. And rightly so – to a good urologist. That's just not everywhere they are, and not on the cure. Yes, and then shame the peasants, then once.

Some urologists treat Frankly, it does not matter. But let them be healthy. To cure the prostatitis or knock exacerbation should clearly understand the nature of inflammation of the prostate. The source can be microbes and viruses of different groups. Particularly nasty Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa Staphylococcus aureus and other stuff, including chlamydia, etc.. Ironically, some urologists ignore E. coli as a cause of prostatitis. Diverse infection undermines the protective strength of the body and disease begins to worsen. What I suggest in this case. In the first place. For the period of exacerbation refuse sex or reduce their frequency. Since you are trying to fight off infection, and the mucosa of women in any case is any type of microorganisms, which for the sick man's body would be perceived as aggressive.