Collateral Guarantee

Had to have a higher risk to the subordinated debentures generally if they become a custoso method of financing for the eminent one. Being the subordinated debentures convertible, it will be able these to have a tax of inferior return of the debentures. The possessors of regular debentures (with priority) in the liquidation case if benefit of the existence of subordinated debentures. Debentures of Profits? These demand the interest payment when only to exist available profits to effect the payment. Normally they are emitted during the reorganization of a insolvent company or you give to declare insolvent. Deep the not paid interest is accumulated and must be paid before any distribution of the common shareholders. Generally the stipulated tax of interest well is raised.

2.4. Which the debentures with guarantee? A variety of debentures with guarantee exists to raise deep in long stated period. Debentures with guarantee and also loans in short term with guarantee, they have specific assets as collateral. If the drawer leaves to observe any clauses of the contract of debentures with guarantee, the agent trustee will be able to eliminate the collateral one to satisfy the claims of the possessor of debentures. The possessor of debentures if becomes a general creditor if its total claim will not be satisfied by means of liquidation. The basic types of debentures with guarantee are: Debentures with Mortgage, Debentures Guaranteed for Collateral and Certifyd of Equipment Guarantees. Debentures with Mortgage – it is a debenture guaranteed with a bond on the real state or constructions. Generally the value of market of the collateral one is bigger of what the sum of the debenture emission. Some debentures with mortgages are guaranteed by general mortgages, of form that all the assets of the company act as collateral; Debentures Guaranteed for Collateral – the possessed heading for an agent trustee to consist of action and/or debentures of other company, guaranteed debentures, emitted against this collateral one, are called Debentures Guaranteed for Collateral.


Virtual Communities

The success of Facebook as a multimillion-dollar business idea has made that many want to start their own virtual community. As a business model this type of virtual communities basically make money through advertising that is sold in the same although some communities also come to sell specific products. Faced with so many virtual communities, like Facebook, Hi5, MySpace just to mention three, the best strategy is that if you want to do a virtual community the same turn around a specialized theme as if it is a general community hardly someone who have account on Facebook is going to have another account in your community. More info: Peter A. Levine PhD. Examples around virtual communities that revolve on specific issues there are several. Somatic Experiencing often addresses the matter in his writings. You can read for example: A community just for dogs, a community for women over age of 40 years, a community for tennis players or also a community to lose weight. If you want to have your own virtual community as a business idea to develop Internet, you must have in mind that the difficult thing will be how to make that community to be successful and manages to capture that persons are integrated into the same. Here I give you three alternatives of free software with which you can create your own virtual community with tools very similar to Facebook. Three programmes clearly presuppose that you have already own your hosting and domain: 1.

Elgg. This is a fairly complete open source program and has the advantage that several sale of hosting companies give you the option of automatic installation. In it comes for example as a scrip that is installed with just a few clicks. 2 Jcow. This program is also open source and is used by some sites to make clones of Facebook, you have to download the program and then install it on our server. The promoters of this software sold some additional products to complement the main program that is free. 3 Community Builder. This program is an extension that runs inside Joomla that a CMS is also free. Community Builder adds to Joomla functionality to make it a virtual community. You can visit the official websites of the programs described above by clicking on the titles of each of them.


The Situation

It is the competition that escapes with his business. To retrieve it have to wait for other companies to make mistakes and then see how it leverages the situation in this regard, both Ries and Troust, point out how would you not to be the first to make a mistake? The easy answer, is to ensure that their programmes are in harmony with the laws of marketing. These in a succinct manner are: 1) Act of leadership. It is better to be the first that being the best. Thereon is said that in the business world, which arrives first at a site is who has more advantages. Clearly it is easier to deal with an empty hollow in the minds of potential customers, which try to convince them that you change their supplier.

(2) The category law. Here, Gina Ross expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If you cannot be first in a category create a new one which can be the first. When you launch a new product, the question should not be: in what is better than the competition?, but: in what will be the first?. In other terms, what can be the category in which our product is the first?. If it has failed to reach the minds of customers first, don’t be discouraged. Find a category in which can be. Potential customers are put on the defensive when they try to explain that our brand is better.

But open mind when speaking of a new category. Everyone is interested in what’s new. (3) The law of the mind. It is better to be first in the mind than the first in the point of sale. To be the first should arrive earlier than others, but to the right place. In the war of marketing, the mind is the battlefield. There is where you have to come first, rather than to the law firms or supermarkets.


Life Beyond Life

Is it the eternal impact of silence in the wound of death? No one knows and few dare to answer. To suggest that there is something beyond what we are-physically-venture involves the imagination, move the intellect to a field whose epistemological conceptual logic and objectivity may exceed the ordinary, and even violate the legitimacy of rational acts. But what other important question that can be the man to their fate? The real philosophical proposal for this century, so critical to the survival of the human species, it should be that, that is the question of destiny 'postfisico' the human being, if any. Establish a scientific and philosophical discourse on the possibilities of survival of the spirit in man. Difficult undertaking, especially when speaking of scientific discourse, but not impossible, given the multitude of astrophysical theories that scientists have imagined playing the classics of science fiction. We would be talking about the meta-anthropological dimension of the human physical. Heidegger Being sentenced to the time it makes the ordinary existence, as did Nietzsche, Sartre, and many other skeptics Cioran negative. So far, in general, has been the religious and spiritual community that wanted to save man from the temporal dimension prefixed by their biological condition, and, in most cases have described an evolution marked by rewards or punishments, sins and correct moral attitudes …

catching up of sick joke a momentous question. The psychologist Susan Blackmore has been repeated with great conviction that there is no conscience, that we are creatures designed to survive and nothing more, something like the monkeys but with mortgages and social security. The concept of God and fear (two very similar words) have turned this issue into a question of good or bad, of blind faith and childish clinging to what is already prescribed by the supposedly 'sacred', it being implied the inability to reach beyond through propose reason-intuition as Descartes. The fear stops to question what sets a particular community as true and correct. Thus, the spirit of Western philosophy was a compendium of Christian or Semitic postulates no other reason than to defend their religious system (unquestioned and unquestionable). Perhaps the most valuable literature on this subject, by its broad interpretation of the idea of God has been the tradition that has developed yoga advaita. And this is also the best intellect can conceive of a healthy, not damaged by the prejudices of their moral and social system. Probably, is my point of view, the first moral duty of man is that of doubting all truth 'established' by all as 'true' and so try to go further, from a blank paper, clean, free of tax margins to begin to cross, blur everything that happens in our creative logic, reason, and perhaps out of there, not the final answer, but the beginning of another question that another reason "creative logic" morally obliged "to respond.


The Legacy Of Genichi Taguchi

Very hard to ignore the representation of Japanese in relation to management, quality management, since it has the quality gurus very relevant and can not be passed by high, so their contributions, bequests on this topic have led. Such is the case of Genichi Taguchi, who as we remember. Escalon Ivan was born in Japan in 1924 and graduated from Technical School of the University Kiryu, and later received a Ph.D. in Kyushu University in 1962. For more information see Peter A. Levine PhD. He worked at the Astronomical Department of the Navigation Institute of the then Japanese Empire, and later worked in the Ministry of Public Health and the Institute of Statistical Mathematics. However, his main professional career has been in the Electrical Communication Laboratory (ECL) of Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Co. (1948-1961) where he focused on improving productivity in research and development. After this, is a professor for the University of Tokyo Aoyama Gaukin and consultant for companies such as Toyota Motors and important Fuji Films.

He was a member of the Japan Association for Quality Control, the Japan Association for Industrial Engineering, the Japan Association for Applied Statistics and the Central Japan Quality Control Association.Trabajo in the Astronomical Department of the Navigation Institute of the then Japanese Empire, and later worked in the Ministry of Public Health (here conducted the first national study on health and nutrition) and the Institute of Statistical Mathematics. However, his main professional career has been in the Electrical Communication Laboratory (ECL) of Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Co. (1948-1961) where he focused on improving productivity in research and development.


Check Your Colon Transient Time

Many doctors and others in the health field may tell you not okay to have a bowel movement every day. This really goes against common sense. If you eat every day, you should have a bowel movement every day or 18-25 hours after eating. His time of colon transient is the time it takes the food you eat to travel from your mouth through your rectum. Once healthy is 18 to 25 hours. This time refers to how long the food you eat stays in the intestinal tract and colon. Food, fecal matter or chyme in the colon should not stay more than 12 hours otherwise you have constipation.

The other 12 hours, the food is in your stomach and small intestine. In the long term constipation is responsible for the beginning of virtually all diseases of the body and disease. For this reason, on a regular basis is essential to your health. Constipation leads to auto-toxicity or self-poisoning your body. When toxins move into the bloodstream instead of leaving your body with the stool, liver and other organs of the body is overwhelmed and become sluggish.

With toxic colon will have difficulty in maintaining disease-free and will be very difficult to lose weight. Slow-moving fecal matter in the colon causes the absorption of new fats and cholesterol back into the bloodstream and liver, instead of leaving the body. This can lead to liver fat, "can not digest fats properly and has to store in their own cells, other organs and cells of the body as pure fat. Determine your Transient Time. Here is how to determine the transitional time. Early in the morning, take one of the following beverages. * An ounce of liquid chlorophyll, lemon juice and 8 oz. distilled water. * Or if you like beet juice, use 6-8 oz of beet juice. You can buy the juice or make your own if you have a juicer. Buy a small bottle of liquid chlorophyll that does not have the mint said. The mint has added to strong of a taste for me. The cost is about $ 8.00 Check to see how long it takes to see green or red in the stool. This is your time of transition. Average transient time is about 21 hours. If the transition time exceeds 26 to 30 hours, then you have a mild case of constipation. If the transient time is constipated 31-36. If the transient time is 37 to 48 hours you have chronic constipation. Check your transient time now. Go get a bottle of chlorophyll and make the transition time test, then use chlorophyll to have a drink in the green morning I describe in another article. Rudy Silva has a degree in Physics from the University of San Jose, California and is a Natural Nutritionist. He has written an eBook entitled "How To Relieve Constipation with 77 Natural Remedies." More information about this ebook and more constipation remedies at this site.


Satisfying Your Needs With Kundalini Yoga

Tell a need or a goal you want to achieve and very probably within the great resources the Kundalini Yoga is the tool you can find to satisfy, known here as. Tools: The Kundalini Yoga includes a series of tools or resources that can lead to the fulfillment of many of your life goals and needs, such tools are: Mantras (sounds of power) for example: Sat Nam Har, Wuaje Guru , etc. Posture. For example, the Cobra pose, the position of the triangle, the position of goalkeeper and many more. Meditations. To rejuvenate, to conquer a great force, to develop the intellect, to cultivate the mind wise, and many more. Mudras (postures of the fingers) for example, Gian Mudra (thumb and forefinger together) that is to cultivate higher states of consciousness. And many more.

Kriyas (series of exercises with a given objective) For example: Kriyas to harmonize all the chakras, kriya to strengthen the whole body, Kriyas to detoxify the body, to restore the field Kriya electromagnetic and many more. Pranayama (breathing). Long deep breath, breathing fire breathing barrel Breathing right nostril, breathing through the left nostril and many more. And Tanrika and Akara Numerology made based on your date of birth to determine such important issues as your strengths and weaknesses, the Mission of Life (and why you were born), the Way of Life (As accomplish the mission or purpose of life ), exercises and meditations of Kundalini Yoga specifically for you based on your date of birth and many more features. Accomplishments: For example if you tell me you would like to improve your economy Mantras are meditations to do, or also on the basis of your numerology based on your date of birth can know what exercises and meditations of Kundalini Yoga that can take to do, or want to improve some aspects such as: Health Labour Relations Rejuvenation Interpersonal Intelligence or Profession Peace and Creativity Personal Safety domestic welfare and many more features. All you have to do is learn the meditations, mantras and exercises that take you to do which can be known through constant practice of Kundalini Yoga given by a teacher-adviser who you can also develop on the basis of your Numerology your date of birth to show the path to follow to achieve this. Kundalini Yoga Practice with guidance and advice of a teacher and meets many of your needs and achieve many of your goals and objectives.


Avoid The Frustration In Trying To Lose Weight

The frustration can be a major obstacle to losing weight. If you’ve been hungry to maintain their diet, has resisted the temptation again and again, and has exercised, but the balance shows that has not yet yielded results, you may feel deeply frustrated. The frustration manifests differently for each person. Some people are angry, others are discouraged or sad, but others, instead of giving up, try harder. Unfortunately, the last group of people is the smallest. This depends on the results they expected the person, if, for example, wanted to make some effort to achieve a result and has to work harder for less, can be frustrating.

So a person to continue or not depends on how she faced the frustration of the expectations he had and the commitment he has put on achieving results. The problem when you start a cycle of attempts and defections, is that the person gradually learns to accept his situation and believe that it is not worth trying. To the After all, until now has lived her life as it is and probably will continue doing so. To avoid this kind of vicious circles and being sabotaged by our emotions we must control them. This is easy if you know how they work. Frustration occurs when there is a violation of expectations, this is no mystery.

We all get angry when they have something we expected or were accustomed to receiving. The degree of frustration depends on the value that has what we receive. For example, if a child is accustomed to his uncle gave him a CD of music each time they visit on your hard-shop and a chance to do so can get angry a lot, feel disappointed and mourn. The problem is that when it comes to losing weight, a violation of expectations can easily occur. Why? In our area there are a lot of quick ways to lose weight. For example, many fast diets and miracle products. In addition, technology offers us more and more solutions snapshots, which we have accustomed to quick answers to our desires. Unfortunately, when it comes to losing weight, unless we are searching for ways to lose weight only for a while, we have to deal with strategies that produce results slowly or with great effort. However, here are several tips that can help you lose weight and deal with frustration: Reduce the effort required to lose weight. For example: “Find a weight loss plan that fits your lifestyle-Seek ways to eat less calories without feeling hungry. “Helping your body to burn more calories than it usually does. Set realistic goals about the results. Establish adequate time for your weight loss program. Try especially to avoid dieting fast, and results that promise is unlikely to achieve a lasting and can harm your health. With these simple changes can more easily control their emotions, and be one step closer to losing peso.Si want to know other tricks you can view . Oscar Alejandro Cordova PD. I want to know your opinion on this article to improve and know what kind of information you want. Please go to this and let me your opinion. Thank you.


Online 3D Game

Show your hablidades cars driving in this game is absolutely spectacular cars! The creators of 3D online game invite you to participate in a competition unforgettable playing for one of three characters rather weird. This great online game consists of 10 tracks representing the 10 levels: The first level is only test so you pass no matter the score you get. The other levels reflect a real sport experienia where you have to run with your car as quickly as possible. Your task will be to reach the first running over the zombies to win more points, set traps for your aversarios making them stop on the road and collect the necessary things to improve your character. Peter A. Levine PhD: the source for more info. For each level you get 5 more points. The number of points required for entry to the next level equal to 50 points. After each level, a window appears with the offers to improve the speed, health or handling of your car.

You can skip this step and accumulate the points for later use. In this game sports action and there are several things to recommend you save or prevent: the water pump, posibilidads repair, oil and nitrogen oxide. Pools of water, oil or black color bombs can be dropped by enemies in order to damage the handling of your car for some time, so it's best to avoid those things. But when you find the same objects framed in the picture – definitely pick them up as these will add the points! There are a few tips on this free online game that you serve. Use the arrow keys to move your car, Esc to pause, press the "Z" to turn nitrogen oxide that gives you more acceleration and then the space bar to use your bonuses.

For example you can throw bombs or leave the oil on the track to put a brake the movement of your enemies. Do not forget to stop cheating in the most likely places accessible by other cars – in the middle of the road or around curves. Apart from challenging tasks and high adventure speed, "Zombie Racing" makes us enjoy the different locations. The first level of this game online car has the background of fairy tales, the second takes you to the underworld with the tombs around, the third creates the winter landscape while the next level puts you in the suburbs of the industrial city. .. Participate in this amazing and contagiate with the spirit of competition pieces Becoming the enemies!


Selling, Buying And The Persuit Of Happiness

With the money that would be easier to set a price to things for purchase and sale. Invention good in theory, an invention to improve their quality of life. People such as The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet would likely agree. But no. Then the money sparked the ambition and greed of human beings. For it has been stolen, have fought, killed. Great wars between countries over the centuries by wealth. But a more personal level have also been lost friendships, destroyed families, all the vile money.

The currency initially became a target more than greed and selfishness human. Large amounts of dust and smoke covering the planet hiding the sun and plunging the Earth into a night goes on. Sunlight is not a problem for me in these conditions. The survivors who find my step down in me and fear me. They know that I’m the Vampire, my appearance is that of an ordinary human being. But of course, they no longer look like human beings, their rotting flesh by radiation does not remember anything you were before.

Dressed in rags, dirty and sick. I, on the contrary, I’m healthy, I am a living being, I exist without life through time, so the radioactivity is not affected me. My appearance is that of a healthy human being. My clothes are elegant, very different from the rags they carry. Look at me with fear and mistrust. They have always feared what is different from them. Even now you could say that they are different because they are the ones that have changed.