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In general medicine, mesotherapy is used: in rheumatology and traumatology (pain relief) in infectious diseases (tonsillitis, sinusitis) in vascular disease (chronic venous insufficiency trophic ulcers) in dermatology (acne, eczema, flat warts) in urology and gynecology (inflammatory disease, enuresis, impotence) in Gastroenterology (dysphagia, Guthrie) in neurology (headache) In today’s stage mesotherapy more in demand as a method of correcting cosmetic defects and solves this problem: Local fat deposits Cellulite cuperosis Acne Mimic wrinkles Age-related changes of skin Alopecia Scars Lifting the scars of the program to conduct sessions of mesotherapy is used as the drugs used in conventional medical practice and drugs, specially produced for mesotherapy. Possible confusion in the same syringe multiple drugs, and then it turns mezoterapevtichesky cocktail. Multiple injections are made quickly and as painlessly as possible, because in the cocktail is added to the anesthetic. Medications are used: Allopathic (pharmacological) vitamins, minerals, amino acids, () Vascular preparations, homeopathic, Biological (embrioplast, hyaluronic acid). Such cocktails may be created individually for a particular patient, a doctor on site or manufactured in an industrial form.

Different schools recommend a different number of permissible ingredients in a cocktail. Ultimately, responsibility for the use of certain drugs lies with the physician. For security purposes, before the appointment of mesotherapy held allergic test: the shoulder ‘pin up’ a few drops of therapeutic agents – for the skin should be no redness and itching. If you notice you are hypersensitive to drugs, mesotherapy is contraindicated. Contraindications for mesotherapy are minimal: Individual intolerance. Age 18 years.

Bleeding disorder. Psoriasis. Coronary heart disease and hypertension grade 3 and above. Urine – and gallstone disease. Pregnancy in all periods and during lactation. Pathological fear of needles. Complications during mesotherapy equally scarce: Allergic reactions Hematomas of injection pain reaction shots and injections, delivered not the most pleasant experience for women, but on the other hand, such prodtsedura gives amazing results, which can not be achieved by any expensive cream. Visible lifting effect you see after two or three procedures (wrinkles, Pulling up facial contours). Amount needed depends on prodtsedur solves the problem and your age. Mesotherapy body or person – so individual, that the doctor can adjust to your ability – as a temporary, and financial, to choose the optimal course of treatment, so the exact number of procedures, mesotherapy may establish a doctor at the first consultation. Yet, on the basis of the experience we give the average values: Cellulite requires 5 to 15 treatments, the decrease in volumes from 4 to 10 treatments, the treatment of scalp from 10 to 15 procedures. restoration of facial contours from 4 to 8 procedures, hernia under the eyes (eye) from 1 to 4 treatments. Attention! You can stop the the inevitable aging of the skin and turn this process is reversed at any age with mezoterapevticheskih procedures. Experience of application of this method on the basis of the Rybinsk hospital ‘Railways’, can confidently speak about efficacy and good tolerability of Mesotherapy in the treatment of diseases and for aesthetic purposes. Testimonials about the procedure rave! We hope that our information will be helpful.