Drug Administration

The Office of FDA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of these indicators, stressing, however, that these figures do not take into account duration of exposure and body temperature. Taking into account the widespread recourse to studies by ultrasound early in pregnancy when the fetus is generally more susceptible to the effects of any type, conducted numerous studies to assess the risks associated with uncontrolled acoustic cavitation. As a result of research, scientists concluded that at present no indication of any malicious effects associated with ultrasound exposure, no long-term, no impact on neyropsihomotornoe fetal development. Cavitation and radiofrequency together. The problem of excess weight worries a growing number of people. There is a growing desire improve their figure on various health and aesthetic reasons. More and more patients, both men and women are turning to professionals to address the problems associated with excess body fat and flabbiness skin.

Thus, we are talking about two different but closely interrelated, problems. Moreover, often one problem derives from the other by following a diet. Apparatus Omnika, manufactured by TriWorks, – it equipment, allowing use in a single session principle of cavitation and radio frequencies to meet both the needs of the patient: the breakdown of fats and strengthen tissues. Due to this, provide more result. In addition, the patient saves time. In fact, two techniques are working together through a single knob. Consequently, on the one hand, due to cavitation effects honed profile and shape the body by acting on unwanted fat layers, lipoma, defects after liposuction and local fat deposits in general.